Cod: 316379
Andrea Celesti (Venice, about 1637 - 1712) - Adoration of the shepherds
Author : Andrea Celesti
Period: 17th century
Oil on canvas, 140 × 205 cm The painting bears the inventory number "16" on the back and the tag from the Manfrin collection in Venice, thus allowing identification with the work listed with the correct attribution to Celesti by Pietro Edwards in 1794, as a "crib", and present in the inventory of 1834 carried out on the death of Count Pietro Manfrin, as "The birth of the Child Jesus" (Documents 2018): title taken up in the Catalog of 1856. It should be noted that Celesti replicated the composition in a canvas with a similar luministic effect from the museum of Bari, with hypotheses of chronology from 1706-11. Bibliography Catalog of the existing paintings in the Gallery