Cod: 316386
Alessandro Varotari, known as Padovanino (Padua, 1588 - Venice, 1649) - Cupid and Psyche
Period: 17th century
Oil on canvas, 112.5 × 109 cm. According to the story in Apuleius's Golden Ass, Psyche wanted to discover the real features of her kidnapper and lover, described as a terrible monster with envious sisters. Secretly and at night, with the help of a lamp, he illuminated the seductive body of sleeping Love: the surprise and fascination of the vision made hot oil fall on the skin of the god who, awakened, flew away. In the wake of the Titian tradition, of which he was a retrospective interpreter, Padovanino offers an unprecedented proof of his skills as a painter of Poems. The work is accompanied by a study by Professor Enrico Lucchese. Reference bibliography Ugo